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WAC 2022

The Aquatech Revolution: digital business law considerations!

Katherine Hawes, Speaker at Aquaculture Conferences 2022
Principal Solicitor, Aquarius Lawyers ASIP Director, Australia
Title : The Aquatech Revolution: digital business law considerations!


Aquaculture has become a focus for venture capitalists and other types of investors who are diving into the opportunity. With the significant rise in  aquaculture venture funding that supports innovation and emerging technologies that is a significant reshaping of the aquaculture/mariculture industry to increase sustainable fish farming output.

With this significant focus on sustainable food resources, traditional land-based aquaculture farming technologies are being improved based on traditional agricultural farming methods and technologies.  This reshaping of the industry, in what is being termed the ‘aquaculture revolution’, means that aquaculture business owners must address the unique legal challenges of this revolution. 

Katherine became interested in the aquatech revolutions impact on legal frameworks with its focus on different farming models, the scientific tools to manage such farms and the current range of technologies for advanced farm management. 

Her paper will focus on the aquatech revolution with the use of technologies, such as, robotics, artificial technology and blockchain and the potential for disruption due to legal issues and challenges.  Those issues and challenges have the ability to significantly disrupt the management and productivity of aquaculture farms. 

From her role on the Board of the Association of International Seafood Professionals and co-founder of Aquaculture without Frontiers, Katherine is best placed to outline the legal frameworks that can minimize or prevent those impacts on your commercial aquaculture business.   


Katherine Hawes, referred to as the fish lawyer, completed a Bachelor of Communications prior to reading law. Katherine developed her Commercial Law experience in a large Sydney Law firm and then at government funded legal aid.  During this time, she studied and registered as a Barrister then continued studying to gain a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management, a Masters of Adult Education and a Master of Marine Law.

Establishing Aquarius Lawyers in 2013 she had over 20 years business law experience. Her passions are the ‘blue economy’ and digital technologies that enhance sustainable aquaculture manufacturing.  She is an in-demand speaker and publisher around ‘what is on your plate’!