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2nd Edition of
World Aquaculture and Fisheries Conference

May 18-19, 2022 | Tokyo, Japan
WAC 2022

Parasitic infestation and ecological stress on the marine fish community in Egypt.

Nisreen Ezz El Dien Mahmoud, Speaker at Aquaculture Conferences
Department of Parasitology , Cairo University ,Egypt, Egypt
Title : Parasitic infestation and ecological stress on the marine fish community in Egypt.


Fish is an important protein source and is consumed by almost every population in the
world. Fish diseases particularly the parasitic have great impacts on fisheries and
aquaculture through their effects on fecundity, growth and marketability. Parasites
have been shown to lower fish productivity, affect fish health making them more
susceptible to other diseases and even cause mass mortalities result in loss of
economic returns.  Changes in the environment can consequently change the state of
balance of the parasite between host and nature. These changes can be environmental
such as temperature, climate, or anthropogenic such as pollution and urbanization
.Parasite invasion and the subsequent economic losses have motivated research for
investigating such invasion and minimizing their negative impacts . Among marine
population, outbreaks were reported in Egypt  due to the synergism of many factors
including infectious agents as well as water quality deterioration. Crustacean Parasites
either cause major disease outbreaks in wild as well as cultured fish or contribute to
chronic sub-clinical impacts. Signs of abnormalities in behavior and different
pathological  lesions  were recorded among the affected fishes and the severity was in 
accordance to the  causative parasitic species . In the present work, a large variety of
crustacean parasites have been reported and identified as causative agents of outbreak
among marine fishes in different localities in Egypt. Field as well as laboratory
investigation of such parasitic invasion problem , the proper factors  synergized  to
cause the outbreaks and their impacts on fisheries and aquaculture in Egypt will be
discussed . A proposed applicable protocol for the problem management was also
Key words: Parasites ,Impact, Outbreaks, Fisheries, Aquaculture.                    


Dr. Mahmoud currently holds the position of professor in the department of parasitology, Cairo University, Egypt since 2004. Her field of specialization is Fish Parasitology. She had received her MVSc (Parasitology, Internal fish parasites) in 1990 and PhD (Parasitology; External fish parasites) from Cairo University in 1994. She is the chair and member of many committees &associations and act as counselor of Fayoum Governorate for Fisheries Affairs.

Areas of interest and experience

  • Parasitology
  • Fish parasites
  • Fish parasitic infestation in relation to environmental pollution
  • Molecular Biology
  • Aquaculture and Ecosystem.