World Aquaculture and Fisheries Conference

May 19-20, 2021
Tokyo, Japan

Scientific Sessions

1. Aquaculture and Fisheries
Extensive Aquaculture
Aquaculture Operations
Aquaculture of Salmon
Aquaculture Products
Aquaculture Sector
Aquaculture Development
Aquaculture Fish Feed
3. Aquaculture Nutrition
Fish Nutrition
Fish Protein
Aqua Feeds

Session Chair: Alaa El-Dahhar, The Arabian Aquaculture society, Egypt

5. Disease Diagnosis & Management
Aquatic Animal Health
Anemonefish Disease
Disease of Marine Animals
Diagnosis and Management
Session Chair: Channarong Rodkhum, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand
7. Fisheries Science
Wild Fishing Harvest
Fisheries Environment
Fisheries Extension
Anadromous Fish
9. Fish Farming Techniques
Fish Hatchery
Fish Farming Systems
Fish Farm Design & Construction
Culture Tanks and Stock Breeding
11. Mariculture and Seaweed Culture
Seaweed Culture
Seaweed Supplement
Global Seaweed Production and Trade
Seaweed Resources
13. Marine Finfish Farming
Tropical Marine Finfish
Marine Finfish Aquaculture
15. Integrated Aquaculture
Integrated Multi Trophic Aquaculture
Integrated Grass-fish Farming
Aquaculture Market
17. Oceanography and Limnology
Physical Oceanography
Marine Geology and Marine Ecology
Coastal Studies
Landscape limnology and Ecosystem
Stressed Stream Analysis
19. Marine Biotechnology
Blue Biotechnology
Blue Growth Strategy
Marine Genomics
Marine Biological Resources
2. Sustainability in Aquaculture
Sustainable Aquaculture
Recirculating Aquaculture System
Environmental Assessment
Environmental Impact on Aquaculture
Resource Conservation
Session Chair: Tom Wedegaertner, Cotton Incorporated, USA
4. Aquaculture Biotechnology
Biotechnology in Aquaculture
Gene Banking and Marine Products

Session Chair: Weiqun Lu, Shanghai Ocean University, China

6. Fish Genetics & Biotechnology
Genetics in Aquatic Animal
Genotyping and Invitro Fertilization
Nanotechnology in Aquaculture
Aquatic Biotechnology
8. Marine Science and Marine Biologist
Marine Biology
Marine Life
Marine Biology Advantage
Marine Drugs
Tropical Marine Research
Marine Zoologist
10. Aquaculture Engineering
Aquaculture Design
Aquaculture Technology Transfer
Offshore Aquaculture
Sewage Fed Aquaculture
Aquaculture Farm Management
12. Freshwater Aquaculture
Freshwater Ecology
Freshwater Biology
Freshwater Fish
Aquatic Vegetation
Fish Monitoring
14. Shellfish Farming
Ornamental Species
Shellfish Farming Techniques
16. Aquatic Toxicology
Aquatic Pollution
Biodiversity in Aquaculture
18. Fisheries Research
Fish Habitats
Fish Resources
Fisheries Research Projects
20. Advance Technology in Aquaculture and Fisheries
Aquaculture Technology
Fish capture Technology
Reproduction Innovations
Fish Production and Biodiesel

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