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3rd Edition of
World Aquaculture and Fisheries Conference

May 24-25, 2023 | Hybrid Event
WAC 2023

Tran Huu Nghi

Tran Huu Nghi, Speaker at Aquaculture Conferences
The Centre for Tropical Forest Research Viet Nam, Vietnam
Title : Impacts of climate changes and adaptation measures of local people in central highlands of viet nam


Central Highlands is located in the central part of Viet Nam where is the home of difference ethnic minorities groups and have a lot of traditional customs on the agriculture production and society. This is also famous for many perennial crops which contribute to local and national economy and generate income for local communities. There are several major crops including Coffee, black Pepper and Rubber, cultivated in the Central Highlands. These crops have contributed to the economic development of the region but have also created problems and challenges for local communities and authorities as well, including (add challenges – conflict over land? Land degradation?).

In recent years, the impact of climate change is becoming clear in the region:  There are more and stronger rains in the rainy season, which cause a lot of landslides and flooding. On the other hand, the longer dry season and stronger winds lead to water scarcity, which has an impact on crop irrigation and has caused more and bigger forest fires.

In response to these changes, local communities have started to apply different measures for adapting to the changes in weather and its impacts. This includes: planting more multipurpose trees (for shade, timber and non-timber products) in the coffee plantation, with the aim to reduce water evaporation under strong sun light, and avoid the soil erosion. Tropenbos Vietnam, through its Green Livelihoods Alliance Programme, has supported in capacity building of farmer associations and communities in these agroforestry practices, and supported the development of demonstration models. We have also organised exchange visits, for farmers from different parts of the landscape to learn from each other, and facilitated the local government in the development of new policies for climate change adaptation.

The presentation will not only address the technical solutions but also talk about the governance and monitoring aspects in the climate change adaptation process in the landscape..


Tran Huu NGHI Msc. Tropical Forest Management, Goettingen University, Germnay. More than 25 years of working in the forestry sector in Viet Nam. Most of the time, he worked for international development programs/projects in the field of natural resource management and local governance in Mekong region, such as GIZ, MRC, and Tropenbos International.