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3rd Edition of
World Aquaculture and Fisheries Conference

May 24-25, 2023 | Hybrid Event
WAC 2023

Durlave Roy

Durlave Roy, Speaker at Aquaculture and Fisheries Conference
Bangladesh Open University, Bangladesh
Title : Studies on the use of locally (coxs bazar and saint martin) available alternative renewable seaweeds wastes as compost organic fertilizer resources


Marine red Marine red algae from the Bangladesh Bay of Bengal Hypnea Sp are often regarded as an underutilized bio-resource seaweed have been used as organic materials due to the presence of a number of plant growth stimulating compounds. The effect of various seaweed species on plant growth and development with an emphasis on the use of this renewable bioresource in sustainable agricultural northern fertilizers raw materials system. A plant needs organic fertilizer for it to grow in a balanced way .The combined use of organic and inorganic fertilizers can improve crop production and maintain soil health. Many important soil properties depend on to some degree on the quality of organic matter. Organically made fertilizers play an important role in increasing the crop yield and the quality of crops promises improvements considering climate adaptation. Research on marine products has enormous unexploited potential and significant advantages. Although Bangladesh possesses a part of the Bay of Bengal, the vast ground of our marine resources is yet to be explored and the application of biotechnology to marine biodiversity remains poorly developed. This part of the study is directed towards the analysis of the future trend and performances of Composting Seaweeds wastes. Demo plot- one Zoom production betel-leaf 2880 per day, Control plot-one zoom production betel-leaf 2780 per day. Difference 100 leaf meaning increased plucking 100 leaf production per day used by seaweeds wastes mixed compost organic fertilizer. Keywords: Seaweed, Plant Growth, Organic Material, northern fertilizer , Sustainable.


1. Full name Durlave Roy

2. Position -Masters Student,Bangladesh Open University

3. Contact information (https://www.linkedin.com/in/krishibid-durlave-roy)

4. Presentation Category: (Oral presentation)

holding a Post Graduate Master Diploma In Industrial Management from Bangladesh Institute

of Management(www.bim.gov.bd),now enrolled continued education from 2019 Masters In

Sustainable Agriculture , Bangladesh Open University


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