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3rd Edition of
World Aquaculture and Fisheries Conference

May 24-25, 2023 | Hybrid Event
WAC 2023

Precious Khonzile Mthiyane

Precious Khonzile Mthiyane, Speaker at Aquaculture Conferences 2023
University of Zululand, South Africa
Title : The Ecological, Social and Economic factors Hindering and Contributing to Sustainable Aquaculture Development.


The aquaculture sector in South Africa forms part of Oceans Economy narrative, and  this sector has a significant growth potential due to the rising global demand for fish products; the eagerness of the middle-class to raise their income in emerging nations; and the increased knowledge of the dietary benefits afforded by fish products. There are numerous roadblocks to aquaculture's progress in meeting global food security and economic growth goals as well as reducing strain on wild-caught fisheries stocks. However, in comparison to its potential, the aquaculture sector is underperforming. It contributes minimally to the country's fisheries products, gross domestic product, and revenue. Noticeably, some significant barriers for aquaculture development includes shortage of zoned and serviced land constraints, rising production costs, access to capital and markets, unsupportive legislation, undeveloped value-chains, and regulatory environment. The paper aims at evaluating the status of aquaculture development and challenges hindering the development of the sector and come with a formative tool that addresses its potential challenges and aquaculture growth prospects. The Ecological Economics lens will be adopted to examine the ocean benefits, conservation, economic opportunities, value chains, economic spin-off, suitable species farming, and environmental protection.

This paper will adopt pragmatism to carry out the study. This study will employ a mixed method approach to collect data in order to provide a more collaborative and complex perspectives on aquaculture development, experiences, explanations, and thoughts through questionnaires, interviews, and observations. Using purposive sampling, seventeen key role players in the national, provincial, local government, aquaculture associations, academics, farmers affected by the aquaculture development will be interviewed to gather meaningful information from experts and professionals. Probability approaches will also be used to sample 300 respondents and structured questionnaire will be administered to them. For data processing and analysis, the researcher will employ NVIVO and SPSS software to synthesize the key themes surrounding the economic, policy, and challenges affecting the development of aquaculture and thereby thematically discuss them. The study is intended to contribute to the body of knowledge of aquaculture development and improve its footprint that considers the economy, society and environment, and simultaneously securing investments and providing more skills.


Ms Mthiyane obtained her Bcomm Honours in Economics from the University of Zululand in 2007, and a Master of Arts in Development Studies in 2022.  Her current position as the uMlalazi Municipality Local Economic Development Manager makes her gaining relevant exposure to different sectors of the economy as part of her up-skilling as well as personal and career development. Her career and academic trajectory has witnessed a gradual improvement, development, and positive success. Her research area of interest is Oceans Economy, hence her PhD project focuses on aquaculture development.