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4th Edition of
World Aquaculture and Fisheries Conference

June 24-26, 2024 | Paris, France
WAC 2024

Amod Ashok Salgaonkar

Amod Ashok Salgaonkar, Speaker at Fisheries Conferences
A2S2 Enterprises, India
Title : Artificial intelligence in fisheries and aquaculture


Artificial Intelligence or in short AI is playing a magnificent role across many industries in the world including fisheries and aquaculture. The technology has made it easy to see the operations & make the monitoring accurately in large commercial aquaculture and fisheries systems be it in the deep sea or in an inland water. The use of this technology is yet low globally in fisheries however proven results along with economic efficiency may help making the situation better and evolving. Most important it should give the benefit to all without impacting the existing stakeholders. Availability of the right professional manpower equipped with AI technology may bring the better results on the field. Machine learning is helping largely to know better the fish health, real time monitoring of behavioural aspects of fish, feed management, welfare of the fish etc which shall be useful to improve fast the present scenario of the industry. It is a great tool if used properly and it shall be early to judge but becoming patient to understand the impacts, making the necessary corrections at required times and consistently coupling it with human brain may positively help in understanding the real time status of the AI technology in fisheries & aquaculture.

Audience Take Away Notes:

  • Artificial Intelligence in fisheries & aquaculture
  • Importance of the AI technology in fisheries & aquaculture
  • Pros & cons of using this technology
  • Challenges on field during implementation & future prospects


Mr Amod Ashok Salgaonkar is a diversified industry professional wearing multiple hats in his professional endeavor. He is having a mix bag of various experiences right from buying & merchandising, strategy & negotiations, marketing, planning & development of the businesses in different verticals of food & especially seafood business which involves modern trade, cash & carry, HoReCa, general trade & online segment. He views the industry by being involving directly through engagements in trade aspects & promotions, sustainability, climate change impacts etc. He is a seasoned management professional worked previously with a reputed organizations like Reliance Retail, Bharti-Walmart, METRO Cash & Carry India, HyperCITY Retail where he headed categories like seafood, meat, dairy & frozen. Core strength lies in bringing effective solutions to business challenges & building differentiation for strategic advantages for the business. He is presently involved in food business with a focus on seafood through a start-up besides having engagements at various national & international organizations.