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June 24-26, 2024 | Paris, France
WAC 2022

Corazon P Macachor

Corazon P Macachor, Speaker at Aquaculture Conferences
Cebu Technological University, Philippines
Title : Innovation on coconut water-infused bottled milkfish and poverty reduction through entrepreneurship in cebu, Philippines


Entrepreneurship alleviates poverty in developing countries particularly in Cebu, Philippines as an outcome of an academe technology transfer and partnership.  This study optimized coconut water-infused bottled milkfish, protected the best formulation, transferred the patented technology and investigated the socio-economic profile of the Cocohub women members after a year of entrepreneurial activities managed by the Lamac Multipurpose Cooperative with the Department of Science and Technology interventions.  Based on the Analysis of Variance at 5% level of significance, the sensory evaluation results of bottled products using fresh milkfish treated with brine solution containing fifty (50%) percent coconut water significantly differs from the rest of the formulations.  The best formulation was subjected to protection from the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines and transferred to the Cocohub women members of Colonia, Cebu. After a year of entrepreneurial activities under the program of the Department of Science and Technology-Smart Food Value Chain where coconut water-infused bottled milkfish is one of the enterprising transferred technologies of Cebu Technological University resulted to weekly income of the women members increased from P500.00 to P2,000.00.  Hence, academe partnership with the industry and interventions from the Philippine government agency reduced the poverty of participative group of Filipino women of Colonia, Tuburan, Cebu, Philippines


Dr. Corazon P. Macachor graduated Master of Science in Fisheries at the University of the Philippines in the Visayas, Quezon City in 1985 and Doctor of Philosophy  at Cebu Technological University in 2004.  She retired as University Professor last 2018.  She patented 45 Utility Models, published 22 research articles in Journals and presently Food Consultant with CTU Danao in collaboration with the Department of Science and Technology, Lamac Multipurpose Cooperative, Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, Local Government Units, Philippine Coconut Authority, Philippine Carabo Center, Department of Trade and Industry, Department of Agriculture and Cantumog Farmers Association.