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June 24-26, 2024 | Paris, France
WAC 2022

Simone Smith Godfrey

Simone Smith Godfrey, Speaker at Aquaculture Conferences
South African International Maritime Institute, South Africa
Title : The use of marine spatial planning in the management of the blue economy


The paper reviews Marine Spatial Planning from its very definition and investigates the models of Marine Spatial Planning existing currently, entrenched in institutions. It also considers the relationships in where its custodianship currently falls within the myriad of blue economy government structures. It goes further in its analysis by focusing on the traditional tools of Marine Spatial Planning, what restrictions exist and the limitations that surrounds the institutionalization of it within blue economy governments. The rationale behind Marine Spatial Planning as a form of planning for survival of all; humankind, animals and plants within the oceans as well as acting as a mechanism for conservation are considered in this examination. The rationale behind blue economy resource management is then considered by the hand of the promoting of equality of participation in blue economy activities where Marine Spatial Planning finds its biggest application utilization. It stretches the concept further by isolating how private sector participation specifically may be governed by Marine Spatial Planning so the future of blue economy resources is safeguarded and future generations’ participation is included in its scope of planning. The role Marine Spatial Planning can play within the development of coastal economies, access to opportunities the stimulation of the private sector, especially in youth employment and wealth creation through entrepreneurship re also highlighted. Marine Spatial Planning’s application as an institution governing the participation of entities within coastal countries Exclusive Economic Zones has its own tools which are limited at this stage to surveys and earth observation systems. Lastly Marine Spatial Planning is reviewed based on the legislation it requires and the data management that it contributes to.


Simone Smith-Godfrey is a Maritime Specialist, having obtained a B Comm Law and a B Phil Maritime Studies from the University of Stellenbosch. Simone was a Maersk International Shipping Education Trainee at A. P. Moller at the beginning of her career and studied Dry and Wet Chartering, Maritime Law, Logistics, Oil and Gas Contracts and Supply, Shipping Management and Operations, Liner Trade, Integrated Supply Chain Management as well as Maritime Technology. She is also studying at the University of KwaZulu Natal for a LLM in Maritime Law. Simone has an interest in maritime technology, science, and engineering, grounded on her education, experience and skills in Maritime, Admiralty and Shipping.