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4th Edition of
World Aquaculture and Fisheries Conference

June 24-26, 2024 | Paris, France
WAC 2024

Nguyen Quang Linh

Nguyen Quang Linh, Speaker at Fisheries Conference
Hue University, Vietnam
Title : Cloning and characterization of the LvCTL genes encoding C-type lectin from white-leg shrimp (litopenaeus vannamei)


Lectins are carbohydrate-binding protein domains. The C-type designates a requirement and aquaculture for binding. Proteins contain C-type lectin domains with diverse functions, including cell-cell adhesion, immune response to pathogens, and apoptosis. This study aimed to investigate the characters of LvCTL encoding genes from white-leg shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) in Central Vietnam.

Methods: Two PCR products (LvCTL3 and LvCTL4) were cloned and sequenced. The structure and characterization of LvCTL proteins were predicted using bioinformatics tools.

Results: The results showed that the LvCTL3 gene was 444  long and 98.87% similar to the published LvCTL3 gene (accession number: KF156943). The polypeptide sequence had 147 amino acids, which were 97.28% identical to the reference sequence (AGV68681) and the LvCTL4 gene had a length of 417 nucleotides and homology of 99.52% compared to the published gene (KM387560). The deduced polypeptide sequence had 138 amino acids and was 100% similar to the reference sequence (AKA64754). The LvCTL3 had a molecular weight of 16.91 kDa and an isoelectric point (pI) of 4.66, while LvCTL4 had 15.75 and 4.58 kDa, respectively. The structure prediction results showed that LvCTL3 and LvCTL4 had one domain (CTLD), LvCTL3 had two α helices and nine β sheets, and LvCTL4 had two α helices and eight β sheets.

Conclusions: Our results provide essential information for C-type lectins' heterologous expression and biosynthesis production.


ProfProf. Dr Linh studied Animal Sciences and Veterinary Medicine and aquaculture at Wageningen University, Utrecht University, The Netherlands, and Humboldt University, Germany, and graduated with an MSc in 1996, a PhD in 2001 and a Postdoc in 2003. He then joined the Faculty of Animal Sciences and Faculty of Fisheries in Vietnam, under-supported by FAO, WB/ACP, ADB, ACIAR, JEBIC, and other funds; he led many groups and projects for International and national forums. He has published over 60 research articles in WoS/Scopus indexing and 72 in national journals belonging to National science and technology. He has 5 GenBank notations (2019 -2022) and ten patents (2009 – 2023).