HYBRID EVENT: You can participate in person at Tokyo, Japan or Virtually from your home or work.

3rd Edition of
World Aquaculture and Fisheries Conference

May 24-25, 2023 | Hybrid Event

WAC 2023

Sylvia Agostini, Speaker at Aquaculture Conference
Keynote Presentation
Sylvia Agostini, University of Corsica, France

In a current global context of marine biodiversity loss and fishery resource overexploitation, the French University of Corsica has acquired a new tool to combine research with ecological and coastal engineering: The marine platform STELLAMARE (Sustainable TEchnologies for Littor [....] » Read More

Tran Huu Nghi, Speaker at Aquaculture Conferences
Keynote Presentation
Tran Huu Nghi, The Centre for Tropical Forest Research Viet Nam, Vietnam

Central Highlands is located in the central part of Viet Nam where is the home of difference ethnic minorities groups and have a lot of traditional customs on the agriculture production and society. This is also famous for many perennial crops which contribute to local and nation [....] » Read More

J L Giovanna Hesley, Speaker at Aquaculture Conferences
Keynote Presentation (In-person)
J L Giovanna Hesley, BASIS Tucson Primary, Tucson, United States

After three years teaching Engineering and Aquaponics at the elementary school level, Ms. Hesley has stepped away from the classroom and taken her skill set to a larger venue. She is now a part of CropKing, Inc. who are working with the Ohio State University Department of Extensi [....] » Read More

Hedin L  Abrahamsen, Speaker at World Aquaculture Conference
Oral Presentation (In-person)
Hedin L Abrahamsen, Fiskaaling, Faroe Islands

Introduction The aquaculture industry on the Faroe Islands has been expanding for many years, and new suitable locations are harder to find. In recent years waves and wave-generated currents have become an increasing challenge. A large portion of the fish died in a 2016 storm [....] » Read More

Javad Daghigh Roohi, Speaker at Aquaculture and Fisheries Conference
Oral Presentation (In-person)
Javad Daghigh Roohi, Iranian fisheries Science Research Institute, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

Following the gradual daily loss of fish fry in a few fish farms , 413 fish of 5 different species were sampled of some farms in Guilan province. After preparing wet mounts of skin and gills, Gyrodactylus isolates were fixed by Ammonium picrate glycerin. After photographing with [....] » Read More

Durlave Roy, Speaker at Aquaculture and Fisheries Conference
Oral Presentation (In-person)
Durlave Roy, Bangladesh Open University, Bangladesh

Marine red Marine red algae from the Bangladesh Bay of Bengal Hypnea Sp are often regarded as an underutilized bio-resource seaweed have been used as organic materials due to the presence of a number of plant growth stimulating compounds. The effect of various seaweed species on [....] » Read More

Mehdi Asemani, Speaker at Aquaculture Conferences 2023
Oral Presentation (In-person)
Mehdi Asemani, IFRO, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

Developing a cost-effective diet to sustain optimal growth is considerably important in aquaculture; an increasing demand for cost-effective aqua feeds has surfaced. In an intensive culture system, over 50% of the production cost constitutes feed cost. Therefore, the importance o [....] » Read More

Precious Khonzile Mthiyane, Speaker at Aquaculture Conferences 2023
Oral Presentation (In-person)
Precious Khonzile Mthiyane, University of Zululand, South Africa

The aquaculture sector in South Africa forms part of Oceans Economy narrative, and  this sector has a significant growth potential due to the rising global demand for fish products; the eagerness of the middle-class to raise their income in emerging nations; and the increase [....] » Read More

Boudjenah Mustpha, Speaker at Aquaculture Conferences
Oral Presentation (Virtual)
Boudjenah Mustpha, CNRDPA, Algeria

An index based on physico-chemical, fish (fish index), invertebrates, algae, or phytoplankton has been used to evaluate the quality of an aquatic environment. The fish community is considered as the trophic chain's ultimate integrator in the fish index. The "rapid diagn [....] » Read More

Safaa Abdel , Speaker at Aquaculture Conferences 2023
Oral Presentation (Virtual)
Safaa Abdel , National Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries, Egypt

In recent decades, plastic pollution has become a global critical environmental issue as a result of the imbalance between the production rate of plastics and a country’s ability to properly manage the waste. As a result, huge amounts of plastic waste have accumulated in th [....] » Read More

fotini Athanassopoulou, Speaker at Aquaculture and Fisheries Conference
Poster Presentation (In-person)
fotini Athanassopoulou, University of Thessaly Greece, Greece

The products of Greek aquaculture as a whole constitute in recent years the second most important agricultural product of our country. The intensification of fish farming in our country and the great development of this rapidly growing industry are threatened due to the presence [....] » Read More

fotini Athanassopoulou, Speaker at Aquaculture and Fisheries Conference
Poster Presentation (In-person)
fotini Athanassopoulou, University of Thessaly Greece, Greece

Vibrio harveyi is an opportunistic pathogen bacterium, which affects Greek aquaculture in recent years, as it causes significant losses mainly in sea bass, Dicentrarchus labrax. The purpose of this study is to describe the cause, pathogenesis, clinical symptoms and preventive/the [....] » Read More

Manoochehr Fathi Moghadam, Speaker at Aquaculture Conference 2023
Oral Presentation (In-person)
Manoochehr Fathi Moghadam, Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

Vegetation in rivers, flood plains, and lakes plays an important role in maintaining the ecosystem and wildlife of rivers, in particular fish habitat. On the other hand, non-submerged vegetation in river bed and flood plains produce high resistance to flow and have a large impact [....] » Read More

Margarita Collazo Ortega, Speaker at Aquaculture and Fisheries Conference
Oral Presentation (Virtual)
Margarita Collazo Ortega, National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico

Podostemaceae is the largest family of strictly aquatic angiosperms. They grow in fastflowing oligotrophic rivers or waterfalls. They adhere strongly to rocks by means of unicellular and hapterous hairs, which secrete a mucilaginous substance, once fixed they form a biofilm. They [....] » Read More

Nana Towa Algrient, Speaker at Fisheries Congress 2022
Oral Presentation (Virtual)
Nana Towa Algrient, University of Dschang, Dschang, Cameroon

Zooplankton is a living prey better suited to feeding fish larvae due to its small microscopic size. To this end, a test on the productivity in an aboveground environment was carried out in order to contribute to the controlled production of zooplankton intended for the feeding o [....] » Read More

Chatsirin Nakharuthai, Speaker at Aquaculture Congress 2023
Poster Presentation (In-person)
Chatsirin Nakharuthai, Suranaree University of Technology, Thailand

In recent years, various probiotic strains have been applied in the aquaculture industry as acceptable strategies for prevention and treatment of aquatic animal diseases. However, conventional probiotic applications have limitations. Therefore, in this study, the recombinant prob [....] » Read More

kai zhang, Speaker at Aquaculture Congress 2023
Poster Presentation (Virtual)
kai zhang, Zhejiang Normal University, China

Abstract: In order to determine the feasibility and the best addition amount of biofloc technology in turtle culture, we 11 studied the formation of biofloc and its effects on water quality and microflora by regulating the C/N ratio in the culture 12 water of Chinemy sreevesii. W [....] » Read More

Gerardo Rodriguez Quiroz, Speaker at Aquaculture Congress 2023
Poster Presentation (Virtual)
Gerardo Rodriguez Quiroz, Instituto Politécnico Nacional, Mexico

In Mexico the annual shrimp aquaculture rate production is growing, and thus demands more feeding inputs and diseases inhibitors. Among organic fertilizers, Eisenia foetida solid humus is considered as a great promoter for plankton growth, helping to develop these aquatic organis [....] » Read More