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4th Edition of
World Aquaculture and Fisheries Conference

June 24-26, 2024 | Paris, France

Marine Science and Marine Biology

Marine Science and Marine Biology

The study of the ocean, its ecosystems, and life forms, as well as coastal environments, oceanic currents, and the sea floor, is known as marine science. Oceanology is another name for marine science. Marine biology research covers a wide range of organisms, from bacteria to whales, as well as viewpoints ranging from complete marine communities to molecular biochemistry. Marine research is vital in our effort to better understand our world and manage its resources.

The study of marine organisms, their behavior, and interactions with the environment is known as marine biology. To better comprehend marine species, marine biologist study biological oceanography as well as the related sciences of chemical, physical, and geological oceanography. Since marine biology is such a vast discipline most researchers choose a specific area of interest and specialize in it. Specializations might be based on a species, a group, a behavior, a technique, or an ecosystem.

  • Tropical Marine Research
  • Marine Drugs
  • Marine Life
  • Marine Zoology
  • Marine Bio invasion
  • Marine Conservation & Management

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